Weekend Links: Diminished Worlds

I’m keeping this week’s selections of posts on the short side as I’m in a bit of a hurry to get over to Wayzgoose 2011 out at Grimsby Public Art Gallery for my annual hit of book arts awesomeness. But before I go, here’s three highlights from this past week in the art blogosphere.

From the first page of results of a Google image search for “ocean sunset” (Source: hickerphoto.com)

When language fails to communicate: Hands-down, the best essay I read this week came from the ever-reliable Ben Street at Art:21 who composes a remarkable transition from the hollow contrition of Tiger Woods to the idiotic simplicity of art writing for a non-arts audience. With refreshing honesty and intelligence, Street indicts books for art’s newcomers that in attempting to dumb down artists and their respective movements for a general audience, serve only to shut them out of the conversation entirely.

The ravages of time and light (via Modern Art Notes): Conversely, blogs such as the Tate’s do wonders to illuminate art history for readers of any experience, even if the story in this instance is something so depressing as a conservationist’s explanation of how a Turner watercolour study has faded into a completely unintended colour spectrum.

The contemporary collective sunset: Hyperallergic shares what is at once the shiniest and most ominous short video I’ve seen online in a while: Jasper Elings’ ‘Sharing a Beautiful Sunset’ (2009), which pulls together countless banal images of ocean sunsets from a Google Image Search to animate the sinking of the same sun into an ever-shifting horizon.

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