Friday Links: For a tension-filled time

Some may have noticed the lack of Friday Links last week, which was largely due to a writing assignment that has since been axed and reinvented as a slightly more demanding writing assignment due early next week. In keeping with that frazzled spirit, this week’s links pay tribute to political angst, ticking clocks and reasons why you should leave your friendly neighbourhood art critic the hell alone. Oh, and puppies.

The inimitable George Takei as Captain Hikaru Sulu. Yes, this is the third appearance of Sulu on this blog, and he’s not even my favourite Star Trek character by a long shot.

One day this kid: In the wake of recent suicides among gay teens in the US – and a recent National Public Radio debate that “took as its departure point — as an acceptable journalistically ‘neutral’ premise — that gays and lesbians do not necessarily have a right to exist” – MAN’s Tyler Green considers whether it’s high time for American museums to pull out their editions of David Wojnarowicz’s pivotal Untitled (One day this kid…) (a work I’ve previously highlighted on this blog).

And for a related but ever-so-slightly less heavy act of protest, you could also watch George Takei call out an Arkansas school board bigot. Less recommended if George Takei using the word “douchebag” offends your delicate sensibilities.

Why Hamilton might be seeing even more Toronto artist ex-pats very soon: A good sign that Toronto really elected one hell of a bad turkey for mayor is that the rest of the nation isn’t even pretending not to care about what happens in Toronto. The icing on the proverbial shit cake comes via an abortive interview with the CBC’s Carol Off that the Torontoist blog attempts to transcribe in all its excruciating, Kids-in-the-Hall-esque glory. Prepare to be bemused.

Christian Marclay and Cinematic Time: A single film-based work running for a solid twenty-four hours might well be a recipe for tedium of the worst sort, but Ben Street’s review of The Clock for Art21 makes me wish I were back in London to see the White Cube exhibition in person. Wonderful bit of art writing about what sounds like a hell of a clever new project from Marclay.

Please don’t feed the art critic: I came across this week’s instalment of Jerry Saltz’ ‘Ask an Art Critic’ via Ed Winkleman’s thoughtfully contrite response to Saltz’ plea for some peace and quiet when visiting galleries for potential review fodder. I’m nowhere near as widely recognized as Saltz when I’m doing the rounds, but it’s happened enough times that I can totally sympathize.

And just because it’s too effin’ cute: C-Monster reports back from Peru with lots of adorable pictures of dogs.


Thanks for the link! They’re now showing it, every so often, for 24 hours – wonderful stop off on a stagger home.

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